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A little bit about

This, Not That

After the demise of a former band, Mongrel Mix, Barry starting seeking out musicians to form another group. In April of 2016, a mutual friend of Barry and drummer/percussionist Paul Gabage, put the two of them together. No more than a couple sessions had them in step with Barry’s compositions and style.

Finding a bassist proved more difficult. Several auditions led nowhere – frustration was setting in.

In the meantime, Barry’s day job as a music instructor had him teaching bass to Kirk since 2015. Their initial meeting was serendipitous, and after a short period of time, Kirk and Barry became fast friends. At a happy hour and dinner, Barry bemoaned not being able to find a bassist to accompany he and Paul. Per haps one too many martinis had Kirk asking, “What about me? Can’t I play your stuff?”

An audition was arranged. Afterward, Paul stated – I think we’ve found our bassist. Their first performance was that August.

And now, a few years hence, with nearly 30 original of Barry’s works under their belts – and one of their own - Man Can Go - the group now known as THIS NOT THAT was solidified into a working, viable music group, playing a variety of genres from blues, to ballads, country, rock and even some bossa nova based tunes.